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Manipura offers a variety of courses run by qualified teachers. We have yoga courses for beginners and experienced practitioners. We also run courses for special groups, for pregnant women, mothers and babies, for seniors and for people with heart problems. Workshops for women – or couples – expecting a baby are also available.

Private sessions can be booked if you prefer individual guidance.

In the main, our yoga instruction follows methods developed by Vanda Scaravelli, an Italian teacher – slow, meditative rhythms, tiny movements and breathing with your whole body.

English, Spanish and Swedish are spoken.

Individual sessions, complete courses or workshops can be arranged in your own premises or in the Manipura studio. We welcome beginners, children, 60+ and people with back problems, heart problems, asthma or sleeping difficulties.

Yoga Philosophy

Hatha yoga means movements, positions, breathing and meditation. The number of schools in the western world is growing. While practices in different yoga schools are essentially similar, some emphasize acrobatic positions, others focus on breathing and some add a meditative touch.

In Manipura, our emphasis is twofold: on breathing and on movement of the spine.  Deep breathing is the key to wellbeing, and a flexible spine makes all movements easier.

The inspiration for yoga instruction in the Manipura studio comes from two prominent yoga teachers, Swami Satyananda Saraswati from India and Vanda Scaravelli from Italy.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati founded an ashram in Bihar in India in the 1960s. His followers have founded yoga centres in America, Australia and Europe (southern Sweden, South Wales). Satyananda yoga uses asanas, pranayama (breathing) and cleansing techniques. One of the main techniques is yoga nidra (deep relaxation). For more advanced practitioners, Satyananda yoga offers kriyas (mental cleansing practices).

Vanda Scaravelli began exploring the strict tradition of Hatha yoga using her own, meditative approach. Extreme positions are not a particular focus. For Vanda, most important is undoing everyday repetitive, harmful movements and tensions and making space inside one’s body. Key concepts are breath, gravity, undoing and wave-like body movements. Practising yoga becomes an open, forever-changing process, renewing the practitioner, the teacher, the student. Vanda Scaravelli died in 1999 at the age of 91. One of her closest students, Sandra Sabatini, also from Italy, visits Helsinki every year. Her most recent seminar was in December 2014.

The primary focus in Manipura yoga is on breathing. All movements are gentle and inspired by the breath. Breathing can also be used to touch and explore your body’s inner space.

Practicing yoga builds awareness. Practitioners progressively activate areas of their bodies previously unknown to them.

While stiffness can usually be reduced through practice, advanced students are best recognized not by their flexibility but by their breathing. In Scaravelli yoga, the most important goal is deep, calm breathing and wellbeing of the spine.

This type of yoga is suitable for people of all ages regardless of their physical condition. In many stress-related conditions such as high blood pressure, headache, sleeplessness, tiredness, burnout and worry, yoga works as both a preventative and a method of healing. It aids recovery from injuries and disease and can alleviate the symptoms of many chronic diseases including asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic back pain and poor balance.

Exploring yourself with help from yoga requires nothing but curiosity. Each movement and every breath offers an opportunity to pause and become aware of your body and its vitality. Every breath also provides space to become aware of a unique moment.

Joogan käsiote.

A thought

Private Yoga and Consultation

In English / på svenska / en español
Malla Rautaparta, physiotherapist, yoga teacher

Malla uses yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and physiotherapy to improve your wellbeing. She will also develop exercises to suit your individual needs that you can use at home.

If you’re thinking of starting yoga, don’t have time for regular classes or want to extend and deepen your yoga practice, you can book individual counselling sessions. Private sessions can also be booked if you have special needs. You may want to work with your breathing if you suffer from asthma, from a tendency to hyperventilate or have other breathing problems.

One-on-one sessions are a good idea if you have back, neck or balance problems, or if you do not sleep well.

Private sessions to learn Yoganidra, a simple meditative and relaxing method of yoga practice, can be arranged.

Fee: First session (90 minutes) 85 euros, Follow-up sessions (45-60-90 minutes) 50-60-75 euros.

To book a private session contact: info@manipura.fi




Thursday – Sunday 21-24.5.2020

daily schedule 9.00-12.00 and 14.30-16.30.

Language: English

Teacher: Sandra Sabatini

Fee: 380 €.



Tuesday 17.3. at 4.30-5.45 pm, 8 classes, fee 102 €

Teacher: Malla Rautaparta



Tuesday 17.3. at 1.00-2.30 pm, 8 classes, fee 112 €

Language: Finnish / English

Teacher: Malla Rautaparta


This course is for those who already have some experience of yoga. Our approach to hatha yoga is slow and meditative. We aim for the awareness of every part of our body and every tiny movement. We put weight on good breathing, we use gravity and aim for a supple spine.

Courses start:

Tuesday 17.3. at 6.00-8.00 pm, 7 classes, fee 140 €
Tuesday 5.5. at 6.00-8.00 pm, 7 classes, fee 140 €

Language: Finnish / English

Teacher: Malla Rautaparta




Start at any point in your pregnancy and practice until the final weeks. Yoga when you are pregnant enhances the wellbeing of you and your baby and prepares you for giving birth.

Teachers on this course speak both Finnish and English.

The course consists of seven yoga classes and a three-hour lecture on labour and birth. The lecture will be in Finnish so you may wish to bring a friend who can translate for you.


Mondays at 16-17.40.  8 classes, starts 24.2, 20.4.

Mondays at 18.15-19.55. 8 classes, starts 2.3, 27.4.

Wednesdays at 16-17.40.  8 classes,  starts 26.2,22.4.

Wednesdays at 18.15-19.55.  8 classes, starts 11.3, 6.5.

Fee: 140 euros

Sia Furman (Monday at 16 and 18.15)
Venla Saartamo (Wednesday at 16)
Teija Aronen (Wednesday at 18.15).

Language: Finnish / English


Tuesdays at 16.15-17.45. fee 14 € / class, minimum fee for 4 classes (56 €)

Teacher Teija Aronen

Language: Finnish / English



This seminar prepares you for labour and birth.

Women learn good positions and movements for both the opening stage and the pushing stage. Learn to relax, to help your pelvis open wider, to use gravity in the best possible way and to cope with pain.

Couples practice good breathing and chanting which helps to conserve energy.

Partners learn how to increase the secretion of oxytocin and other important hormones. They also learn how to help a woman in labour breathe deeply and alleviate pain in her back.

Friday 4-8 pm, Saturday 9.30 am – 3. pm.

Fee: 145 € (individual), 240 € (couple)

Teacher: Malla Rautaparta



You can take your baby with you.

Yoga helps you strengthen your body, open your shoulder region and deepen your breathing. You also learn simple methods you can use to help you sleep better and relax with your baby.

Classes on Wednesdays are for mothers with little babies. Start the course when you feel ready to begin practicing yoga. It can be as soon as 2 weeks after giving birth. Little by little, babies and toddlers learn to respect your yoga practice. And you learn to relax with the presence of your baby.

There is no age limit for babies/toddlers. Many toddlers are eager to imitate yoga movements and you can bring a yoga blanket for the child, too.

Courses start:

Wednesday 7 classes, starts 16.1, 6.3, 24.4. fee  91 €

Language: Finnish / English

Teachers: Teija Aronen / Venla Saartamo




Friday 17-20, Saturday 9-12 and 13.30-16.30, Sunday 9-12 and 13.30-16.30.

Fee: 180 €


In the practice of meditation, what we do with our body is every bit as important as what we do with our mind.  The primary focus of this intensive sitting retreat will be in exploring the conditions of body that transform your experience of meditation from one of painful bracing and struggle into one of comfort, grace, and release.  As foundation for the practice, we will first work to establish the three primary somatic principles that have been shown to support the posture of meditation:  the alignment of the upright spine, the deep relaxation of the body, the allowing of subtle motions throughout the entire body in resilient response to the force of breath.

As a foil to long hours of sitting, there will also be a great deal of movement work—from traditional walking meditations and spontaneous movement exercises to dynamic yoga and breathing practice.  If you’re new to sitting meditation, this retreat will give you the necessary foundations on which you can continue to build your practice.  If you’ve been meditating for many years, but feel as though you may have hit a wall in your practice, the retreat will show you why and introduce you to a completely natural and relaxed way of sitting that can deeply catalyze and reinvigorate your meditational inquiry.

Will Johnson is the founder of The Institute for Embodiment Training, a teaching school that views the body as the doorway, not the obstacle, to evolutionary growth and spiritual opening.  He is the author of a number of books about the role of the body in Buddhist and Sufi practices including The Posture of MeditationBreathing Through the Whole BodyEyes Wide Open, and Rumi’s Four Essential Practices.

The weekend is an unique opportunity to meet Will Johnson. This retreat is one of the two retreats he will give during his trip to Europe next autumn.



Joogakurssi Italiassa.


The seminar takes place in Campiglia Marittima, a charming little village about 3 hours north from Rome.

We start on Sunday 4.10. at 8.30 and and finish on Friday 8.10. at 7:00 pm.

Daily schedule: 8.30-11.30 am, 5.00-7.00 pm.

Language: Finnish / English

Fee: 560 € (includes tuition and accommodation from Saturday to Friday, 6 nights, rooms are for 2-3 persons)

Teacher: Malla Rautaparta





Coming soon! For now, please ask us!


The work of Italian yoga teacher Vanda Scaravelli is a source of inspiration for all of us.

Malla Rautaparta

Yoga instructor, physiotherapist, MA (anthropology)

Languages: English, Swedish, Spanish

GSM 040 518 2390

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Malla Rautaparta

Malla has been practicing yoga for more than 40 years. She has studied the teachings of Swami Satyananda Saraswati and now finds inspiration in the philosophy of Vanda Scaravelli.


Malla studied Satyananda yoga from 1978, first in India at the Bihar School of Yoga and later in other European schools:  Skandinaviska yoga- och meditation skola in Sweden, the Mandala Yoga Ashram in South Wales.
Currently following the path set out by Vanda Scaravelli. A student of Sandra Sabatini for 20 years.

MA from the University of Helsinki.

Specialised studies of physiotherapy in neurology, Helsinki
Specialised studies of neurological problems with children and babies, London

Birth preparation
Courses with Janet Balaskas at the Active Birth Centre, London
Courses with Blandine Calais Germain: anatomy and physiology of the pelvis, Helsinki
Training in Birth Preparation `Parto y Movimiento` (Birth and Movement) by Nuria Vives Pares, Girona, Spain


Malla worked for many years as a physiotherapist for children with special needs. She has been a yoga teacher for 35 years and started developing yoga as preparation for labour and birth more than two decades ago.

Malla has trained yoga teachers in accordance with the philosophy of Vanda Scaravelli (two-year course) in 2010-2011 and in 2013-2014.

She started the Pregnancy Yoga teachers` training program in 2017.


Four books on yoga (all in Finnish)
DVD  Yoga, Pregnancy and Birth, 2015

Venla Saartamo

Yoga instructor (RYT), Soundbowl Massage

Languages: English, Spanish


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Venla Saartamo

Venla has taken yoga teachers` training course RYT200H  in 2012-2013. She also studied in Manipura`s teachers`training program which follows the philosophy of Vanda Scaravelli.
Venla is also a qualified Pregnancy Yoga teacher. This training took place in Manipura in 2018.

She has studied Sound bowl massage (Peter Hess method).


Teija Aronen

Yoga instructor.

Teija has taken Yoga Teachers` Training Course RYT200H  in 2014-2015.  She is also a qualified Pregnancy Yoga teacher. This training took place in Manipura in 2017.

Languages: Swedish, English, Japanese

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Teija Aronen

Sia Furman

Yoga instructor

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Sandra Sabatini

Sandra Sabatini

Visiting instructor from Italy. Sandra gives seminars in Manipura every year.

Languages: English, Italian

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Sandra Sabatini

For 17 years one of Vanda Scaravelli’s closest students. She has given seminars in Manipura every year since 1998. Sandra has written three books on yoga:

Breath, the Essence of Yoga
Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer – Yoga through the Seasons (with Silvia Mori)
Like a Flower, my years of Yoga with Vanda Scaravelli

Will Johnson

Visiting instructor

Speaks english

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Will Johnson

Will Johnson is the founder of The Institute for Embodiment Training, a teaching school that views the body as the doorway, not the obstacle, to evolutionary growth and spiritual opening.  He is the author of a number of books about the role of the body in Buddhist and Sufi practices including The Posture of MeditationBreathing Through the Whole BodyEyes Wide Open, and Rumi’s Four Essential Practices.

Manipuran ammattilaiset.


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Manipuran joogatilat.


DVD: Yoga, Pregnancy and Giving Birth

Practising yoga when you are pregnant supports many aspects of wellbeing. These yoga exercises help you enjoy pregnancy and giving birth.


I Pregnancy

You first learn yoga exercises to use while you are pregnant. They help your body make space for your growing child and encourage good breathing. You’ll be able to relieve many of the discomforts of carrying a baby and possibly avoid them. Yoga exercises help you become more sensitive to your body and how it is working. They also prepare you for bringing your child into the world.

II Giving birth

These are techniques you can use during labour. Resting positions conserve your strength and relieve pain, breathing techniques help you cope. You don’t need to have practised yoga to benefit from the exercises offered on this DVD. Make yoga part of your everyday life. Practising for even a few minutes helps you feel better and gives you strength.

`A very beautiful and soothing DVD.` Sandra Sabatini

DVD can be bought at Manipura or ordered by e-mail at a price of 24,80 €.


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