DVD: Yoga, Pregnancy and Giving Birth

Practising yoga when you are pregnant supports many aspects of wellbeing. These yoga exercises help you enjoy pregnancy and giving birth.


I Pregnancy

You first learn yoga exercises to use while you are pregnant. They help your body make space for your growing child and encourage good breathing. You’ll be able to relieve many of the discomforts of carrying a baby and possibly avoid them. Yoga exercises help you become more sensitive to your body and how it is working. They also prepare you for bringing your child into the world.

II Giving birth

These are techniques you can use during labour. Resting positions conserve your strength and relieve pain, breathing techniques help you cope. You don’t need to have practised yoga to benefit from the exercises offered on this DVD. Make yoga part of your everyday life. Practising for even a few minutes helps you feel better and gives you strength.

`A very beautiful and soothing DVD.` Sandra Sabatini

DVD can be bought at Manipura or ordered by e-mail at a price of 24,80 €.


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