Private Yoga and Consultation

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Malla Rautaparta, physiotherapist, yoga teacher

Malla uses yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and physiotherapy to improve your wellbeing. She will also develop exercises to suit your individual needs that you can use at home.

If you’re thinking of starting yoga, don’t have time for regular classes or want to extend and deepen your yoga practice, you can book individual counselling sessions. Private sessions can also be booked if you have special needs. You may want to work with your breathing if you suffer from asthma, from a tendency to hyperventilate or have other breathing problems.

One-on-one sessions are a good idea if you have back, neck or balance problems, or if you do not sleep well.

Private sessions to learn Yoganidra, a simple meditative and relaxing method of yoga practice, can be arranged.

Fee: First session (90 minutes) 85 euros, Follow-up sessions (45-60-90 minutes) 50-60-75 euros.

To book a private session contact:

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